3 ways I plan to monetize my original motivational quotes

Merchandise, Quotes as a service, and offline events.

Original Quotes by Author. Images from Pixabay.com

It has been almost three years since I had quit my job in silicon valley, moved back home (India), and took a plunge into entrepreneurship.

The journey accompanied with its ups and downs had spawned a myriad of emotions and thoughts. Sometimes they transformed into what I can call motivational quotes.

Original Quotes by Author. Images from Pixabay.com

Yes, writing original motivation quotes was a newfound skill of mine. As I started writing more quotes, I started looking at ways to monetize my skill. While the idea of making a living out of my quotes is still far fetched, for now, I wanted to take baby steps towards that goal.

I spent a few months making a game plan and also launched a few of my ideas online.

In this post, I am sharing all the ways I plan to monetize my quotes.

1. Merchandise

I plan to sell digital and physical merchandise with my quotes.

1.1 Calendar

Who doesn’t like a touch of motivation to start the day? And it is a bonus if it sits right on your desk. It is something that I personally prefer so I made one for myself and others.

I launched a desk calendar for the upcoming year 2021 with my original motivation quotes and made it available online for purchase.

Images by Author

1.2 Mobile and Desktop Wallpapers

Day in and out, we are glued to our smartphones and laptops. So I made a set of wallpapers that you can use on your mobile phones and laptops to light up your day with motivation. I made them available online as digital products for purchase.

Images by Author

1.3 Masks

Masks are going to stay for a long time. As it covers your face, it is a very noticeable and perfect space for a quirky quote to make your statement.

Image by Author

1.4 Coffee Mugs

You may either be a coffee person or a tea person. But we all use them for refreshment to start the morning or when tired after a long day. It is time to cheer up your mind with a witty motivational quote while you treat your taste buds.

Image by Author

1.5 Mobile Covers

Mobile covers are very popular among youth and teenagers.

Image by Author

1.6 Pencils and Pens

Why shouldn’t stationery items have some fun?

Image by Author

1.7 Coffee table books

Image by Author

And there are many other things like T-shirts, Caps, etc that I can sell with my quotes.

1.8 Strategies to reach the target audience with my merchandise

1.8.1 Digital Marketing locally

I plan to run Facebook and Instagram ads locally in my city with links to my merchandise and emphasizing as a local motivational quotes writer.

1.8.2 Focus on timely needs

Focus on products that are in need. Coffee mugs are perennial but calendars are sold during the first and last months of the year. Similarly, masks are in demand because of Covid. Focus on merchandise that is appropriate for the current situation.

1.8.3 Publicity on personal social media channels

Although not too big I have ~14k Linkedin followers and 650+ Twitter followers. I plan to make posts about my merchandise frequently there.

2. Quotes as a service

I want to provide my quotes to other individuals or companies and make a profit from it.

2.1 Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is something where you write a quote and give it to another celebrity or influencer. The celebrity or influencer pays a fixed amount to you for your quote and credits him/her as the original author when used on Social Media.

I plan to reach out to celebrities /influencers / popular pages on Social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc, and ghostwrite for them.

2.2 Marketing copy

Brands need content. Whether it is Disney or Mcdonald’s, everyone needs content for their commercials, marketing flyers, etc.

For brands that focus on spreading positivity/ motivation through their commercials, I want to write inspirational content and make money.

2.3 Movies and OTT content

For movies or TV series wherever necessary I want to write dialogues or punch lines that are powerful/motivational and make money.

3. Offline Events

Image by Author

3.1 Motivational talks

I want to do live motivational talks in colleges, schools, or any corporate events and get paid for the same.

3.2 Book Fairs and Art Fairs

I want to sell my merchandise and also build an offline personal brand for myself by setting up stalls at these events.

3.3 Interior design for restaurants and showrooms

Restaurants, motorcycle or car showrooms, coffee shops, etc cater to a modern audience who love themes. I can help design the restaurant/coffee shop with a motivational vibe and get paid for the same.

Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal is to write high-quality copies where each word is valued at let's say a 1000 dollars.

For example, write a 100-word motivational copy for the upcoming Nike commercial and get paid a 100k $ cheque.

Thanks a lot for reading. If you want to read all my 30+ motivational quotes, please find them here.

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Lead Data Scientist Consultant || Ex Co-Founder & CTO of a funded AI startup https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramsrig/

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