Is there wisdom in this world that is beyond a curious mind’s observation?

The reason why I could never be a fan of any influencer/celebrity

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Quite often I see my friends ardently following popular gurus/influencers on social media like Naval Ravikant, Simon Sinek, Sadhguru, Yuval Noah, etc.

From time to time, I get to watch/hear the content from these and other influencers in one way or the other. Sure they have great things to say, but surprisingly enough I never felt there was a significant delta in the upgrade of my personal wisdom.

If I have to be honest, most things that the world calls as wisdom appeared to me as just common sense packaged well.

Observe — The one word that helped me navigate the world without actually following anyone’s footsteps.

All my life, I followed the fundamental framework of observing individuals + population + ecosystem, almost subconsciously to know more about the world and gain wisdom.

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  1. Individuals — Develop a curiosity and observe how individuals think, feel, and react to situations. Start by observing people in and around you. See what keeps an individual occupied and what keeps them bored. Slowly expand that thought process to people you see on social media to gain second-hand experience on how they think, feel, and react.
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2. Population: Observe how people interact in a society. Understand how thoughts and actions among individuals lead to conflict and harmony. Understand what power is, in a social and political context. Gain insights on how mutual interactions give way to various emotions like anger, love, laughter, fear, wonder, etc. See how subgroups of population create an identity for themselves — be it religion, culture, institutions, economical status, cult, etc

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3. Ecosystem: Observe the ecosystem that is created to run the society. Understand the importance of finance, health care, science & technology, law, education, human rights, arts, entertainment, transportation, business, etc. Understand the role each of these has in a functional society. Understand the different philosophies of running society — capitalism vs socialism, etc. Understand how most economies take ideas from both and find a balance between these philosophies.

Now take this simple framework of observing individuals + population + ecosystem and replicate that across geographies ( countries/cultures) and ages (stone/medieval/modern) with how much ever you can interpret when no live data is available.

You will realize that wisdom as the world calls it, doesn’t have much personal significance to you.

There is no wisdom in this world that is beyond a curious mind’s observation.

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